Bark Bites Bakery

Bark Bites Bakery in Myrtle Beach, SC strives to be the best place for all-natural dog treats.  Our treats are Chemical Free and Vacuum Sealed instead of using preservatives.

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Based in Myrtle Beach, SC, Bark Bites Bakery strives to be the best place for all-natural dog treats. 

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100% All-natural and preservative free 

All of our dog treats use common ingredients like flour, and natural sugars like Blue Agave Nectar.  

Safe for pet and human consumption

None of our products contain anything that is harmful to pets and humans alike. If you or your dog is allergic to any of our ingredients, feel free to make a custom order.   

Dogs with allergies

Jill has been a veterinary technician for 3 years, so she understands that some dogs have allergies. She has created the custom order page so you can make your own treats to make sure there is nothing in them that will cause allergies for your best friend.

Vacuum Sealed  

Because our treats are preservative free, we vacuum seal all of our products to keep them fresh for as long as possible.

Custom orders

If you or your pet does not like anything in our main treats, please feel free to look at our custom order page. There, you can customize anything you want from the base ingredients to the frosting on top.

About the owner

Jill Kuhn has been a veterinary technician for 3 years. In those years she has seen many things that cause her to cringe at the thought of what some people are giving their dogs as treats. People love their animals so much they have become part of our family, for this reason she makes these bones for healthier pets! No more table scraps, no more chemicals, no more preservatives, no more ingredients only a scientist can pronounce! Jill also has a very big concern for dogs with allergies. Some dogs with allergies only get itchy if they are exposed to the allergen, others have an anaphylactic reaction if they are exposed. To prevent all of these reactions, she has made a custom order page so you can make sure your dog gets yummy treats without worries of allergies. Jill wants to maintain a close relationship with clients to make sure their animals are taken good care of and get the best treats possible!